Ultra Suction Dentures

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Ultra Suction Dentures Coventry

A tighter fit.

Ultra Suction Dentures use a special soft silicone material which creates a series of tiny suction cups on the fitting surface of your denture.

These suction cups help in keeping your dentures in place; giving you a tighter fitting denture.

We'll Make You Smile™

  • Just had to let you know how amazing my new teeth are my hubby said they look real you are a genius thank you had birthday lunch best meal in a long time.
    – Annie
  • Hi Calvin,

    It's that woman again lol. Just to wish you a very Happy Christmas and to thank you for looking after me so well. I shall now be able to have a happy “chomping” Christmas myself.

    Once again, thank you so much.

    Best Wishes
    – Jen (Nuneaton)
  • Hi Calvin,
    Meant to message you sooner, and just to say many thanks for the denture you made for me...perfect fit and I do forget I have it in, so thanks again
    – Simon, Stratford
  • Just like to say a massive thank you for relining my denture, the difference is unbelievable!! At last a comfortable mouth, so very pleased.
    – Mr PH (Coventry)
  • I put up with inferior dentures for several years because I simply didn’t know that there was any realistic alternative. This could be because there is not an abundance of qualified clinical denture technicians like Calvin out there and as far as I know he is the only one in the Coventry & Nuneaton areas.

    My previous experience of getting dentures made and fitted felt at times like a game of Chinese whispers involving me, the dentist and an unseen dental technician (not to be confused with a qualified clinical denture technician) which ended with the dentist eventually having to shoe horn someone else’s work into my mouth!

    This experience was totally different from start to finish as Calvin managed and undertook each and every element of the process from the taking of the initial dental impressions, through the denture manufacturing process and onto the final fitting and adjusting of the dentures.

    The result is that I have a perfectly fitting set of dentures that are pain free and require no additional fixing aids such as denture fix or similar. I can now eat many foods that had become off limits to me without giving it a second thought.
    – Mr A.T. (Rugby)
  • Thanks for the care and professional attention you gave to my dental requirements. I'd have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. Thanks again.
    – Mrs B (Nuneaton)
  • My new dentures are a perfect fit; no ulcers. Thank you. Wishing you all the best.
    – Mrs M (Nuneaton)
  • Dear Calvin,
    I would like to thank you for the tremendous job you've done with my new dentures. I am very happy with them.
    Kind Regards.

    – Mrs M (Coventry)
  • I found it was very advantageous to deal with you directly for my dentures rather than a Dentist. I felt confident that in talking directly to the same person I knew would both be taking my impressions and making my new dentures, it would mean that at long last I'd have dentures I was happy with and that my smile would be restored again and you succeeded! My new dentures look and feel great; thanks.
    – Mrs H (Coventry)
  • Thank you again for making my grandmother some new dentures. I was amazed at your endless patience; indeed to find a service like yours today is very rare indeed. I think you are very much the exception to the rule. Today when all that normally matters is to get something done quickly and as cheaply as possible, often with little customer service offered, I was just so thrilled to have found your Denture Studio. If you have difficult cases where people desperately need dentures and the circumstances are not straight forward, I can honestly say you more than went the extra mile. My grandmother at 91 years old was exhausted having just come out of hospital, you kindly offered to do a final fitting before we left and you then offered a Home Visit and made sure they were 100% comfortable, fine tuning them again. Without doubt I would recommend anyone who needs dentures to you, especially if the person has special needs or special patience and understanding is required. Many thanks again, your service was more than 5*.
    – Mr W (Peterborough)
  • Thank you so much for the time and effort that you took in making my father some new dentures; travelling firstly to Coventry Hospital and then to the hospital in Rugby in order to help him. We as a family really appreciated it and so did he. Thanks again.
    – Mrs C (Bedworth)

» Who Can Have Ultra Suction Dentures?

Ultra Suction Dentures are suitable for patients who:

  • Wear full upper dentures*.
  • Wear full lower dentures*.
  • Wear full upper and lower dentures*.

*Who have also not had any teeth extracted within the last 6 months.

» Who Are Not Suitable?

  • People who still have any natural teeth in the jaw or jaws to be treated.
  • People who have recently had natural teeth extracted.

» Who Are Less Suitable?

  • People who have a lack of muscle control or muscle weakness; for example, following a stroke.
  • People who suffer from a dry mouth. This may be caused by some medicines or following radio or chemo-therapy.
  • People with unusual jaw formations or with certain diseases of the skin of the mouth.

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