Denture Implants

If you suffer from loose dentures that affect your life because you can't eat what you want or maybe you feel awkward in social situations because you struggle to eat using your dentures, we can help you.

You can have stable dentures instead of loose dentures, because we can solve this problem by having your loose dentures fixed onto dental implants.

We'll make you smile!

Thank you again for making my grandmother some new dentures. I was amazed at your endless patience; indeed to find a service like yours today is very rare indeed. I think you are very much the exception to the rule. Today when all that normally matters is to get something done quickly and as cheaply as possible, often with little customer service offered, I was just so thrilled to have found your Denture Studio. If you have difficult cases where people desperately need dentures and the circumstances are not straight forward, I can honestly say you more than went the extra mile. My grandmother at 91 years old was exhausted having just come out of hospital, you kindly offered to do a final fitting before we left and you then offered a Home Visit and made sure they were 100% comfortable, fine tuning them again. Without doubt I would recommend anyone who needs dentures to you, especially if the person has special needs or special patience and understanding is required. Many thanks again, your service was more than 5*.
– Mr W (Peterborough)