Partial Dentures | Part Dentures

Partial Dentures or Part Dentures replace any of your missing natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, when you have lost some but not all of your natural teeth. It may be fastened to your natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments. The advantage of having partial dentures are:

  • Improves your smile
  • Helps prevent neighbouring teeth from moving out of position
  • Improves your speech
  • Making eating easier and more comfortable

They can be made entirely from plastic or from a mixture of plastic and light alloy metal. These light alloy dentures are generally more comfortable to wear than their all plastic equivalents and also have the added advantages of being less bulky and are better for your overall oral hygiene.

As a Clinical Dental Technician with over 20 years experience in providing patients with partial dentures, we will blend your partial denture in with your natural teeth so your new dentures will look like your own natural teeth and not false teeth. We will use the same colours and shapes to match the natural teeth you have remaining.

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