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Denture Repair Nuneaton, Emergency Denture Repair, Broken Dentures

Denture Repair Nuneaton, Emergency Denture Repair, Broken Dentures

Denture Repair Nuneaton

»Denture Repair Nuneaton Service

The Denture Studio located at Ground Floor, 1 Bond Street, Nuneaton CV11 4DA, we offer a Denture Repair Nuneaton Service that is fast and reliable and we have over 20 years experience in repairing broken dentures & cracked dentures using only the best quality materials available.

With our on-site denture repair laboratory we can perform an emergency denture repair to fix all broken dentures and cracked dentures while-you-wait.  We also provide denture repair home visits if required & emergency denture repairs out of hours where necessary.

Denture Repair Nuneaton Service

Denture Repair While You Wait Nuneaton

»Our Denture Repair Nuneaton Service Covers:

  • Emergency Denture Repairs
  • Broken dentures
  • Cracked dentures
  • Dentures broken into two pieces
  • Multiple denture fractures
  • Replacement of broken and chipped false teeth
  • Adding new teeth onto existing dentures

»How to repair dentures?

If you can, keep all the pieces of your broken denture together. Please don't use super glue or repair dentures yourself, even if you have cracked dentures. Please do not use a denture repair kit; attempting to repair dentures yourself may end up resulting in further damage and make your denture impossible to repair again and uncomfortable to wear. It is always advisable to have your denture repair performed by a qualified dental professional who knows how to repair dentures.

»Emergency Denture Repairs - How long to repair dentures?

The time it takes to repair dentures depends on how badly it is damaged. Most denture repairs we aim to do while you wait. We are usually able to repair dentures between 30-40 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the type of denture repair required. If your broken denture has suffered a more serious fracture, however, it will take longer to repair. In order to repair your denture it may be necessary for us to take an impression of your mouth with the denture in place.

»New Dentures in 48 Hours

If a denture repair cannot be done on your existing dentures and you do not have any spare dentures, we offer a New Dentures in 48 Hours Service.

Emergency Denture Repair Nuneaton

Denture Repair Home Visits Nuneaton

For a Denture Repair Nuneaton call Calvin on: 02476 033 044

»Can my cracked denture or broken denture be repaired?

Yes, with our Nuneaton Denture Repair Service we can repair dentures, insert strengtheners into dentures and remove stains. We can also repair chips in the artificial teeth or replace ones that come off your broken denture. If your dentures are quite old and you have had broken dentures or cracked dentures several times, it may be necessary to have a new set made. Dentures that have had teeth added or fractured multiple times are generally not very comfortable to wear as they no longer fit that well.