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Dentures Direct Coventry

dentures-direct-coventry.jpgDentures direct from the technician that makes them. We are clinically trained Dental Technicians (Clinical Dental Technicians) serving Coventry who are qualified to provide dentures direct to patients in Coventry.

We have over 20 years experience in the fields of denture design, construction and provision and we regularly attend courses in the UK and abroad to keep our denture making skills and knowledge up to date. We personally handle every stage in the making of your new dentures; from the first impression to the final fitting, including all stages in the hand crafting of your new dentures.

It is important to remember that ONLY Clinical Dental Technicians who are registered with the General Dental Council and Dentists are licensed to provide new dentures direct to patients in the UK.

»Clinical Dental Technicians & Dental Technicians - What's the difference? and why it's important.

Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT) and Dental Technicians are registered with the General Dental Council, however, only Clinical Dental Technicians are qualified to provide to provide new dentures direct to patients.

»Dentures Direct Coventry At Home Service

We also provide, where required, a FREE Dentures At Home Service, for patients who are unable to visit our denture clinic. Our Dentures Coventry Service is available throughout the Coventry and surrounding areas.

This means, if you live in or near Coventry, you can now have new dentures made or denture repairs in the comfort of your own home.

»Dentures Direct Coventry Service

Some of our other Dentures Direct Coventry Services include:

»Dentures Direct Coventry - False Teeth

If you have worn out dentures in Coventry that look like false teeth don't worry; the result of giving you one of our Dentures A New Smile makeovers is you will have a brighter more natural smile and you will have a healthier and more youthful appearance.

»Dentures Direct Coventry Repair Service

We offer a Coventry Denture Repair Service that is fast and reliable and we have over 20 years experience in repairing broken dentures & cracked dentures using only the best quality materials available.

With our on-site denture repair laboratory we can perform an emergency denture repair to fix all broken dentures and cracked dentures while-you-wait. We also provide denture repair home visits if required & emergency denture repairs out of hours where necessary.

» A Short Introduction to Dentures Direct Coventry

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