Dentures A New Smile

Cosmetic Dentures.....We'll Make You Smile™


At The Denture Studio we know how important your appearance is to you and we want you to be able to smile with confidence, so we offer all our patients cosmetic dentures with our Dentures A New Smile makeover. One of our main aims when we hand craft our dentures is to provide you with a nice smile and a natural appearance. We set your new denture teeth where your natural ones once existed, giving vital support for your lips and cheeks. This ensures your new dentures will not look like false teeth.

» Dentures A New Smile includes:

  • Hand crafted cosmetic dentures
  • Denture teeth positioned to give you fuller lips
  • Gender specific tooth shapes and colours that will compliment your gender, age and personality
  • Increasing the distance between your chin & nose to correct any sunken features
  • Registering the perfect bite to ensure maximum comfort & allowing you to eat better
  • Repositioning your denture teeth to give you a softer, more relaxed natural appearance
  • Providing you with the correct lip & facial support
  • Providing you with natural looking dentures

The result of giving you one of our Dentures A New Smile makeovers and providing you with cosmetic dentures is you will have a brighter more natural smile and you will have a healthier and more youthful appearance.

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If you would like to smile with confidence again and have cosmetic dentures with our Dentures A New Smile makeover, please contact us at The Denture Studio for your FREE Denture Consultation.