Smile with Confidence

Your confidence and self-esteem are important assets in life and confidence in your smile is part of this, especially when you are out socialising with your family and friends. When you are meeting someone for the first time, first impressions count and one of the first things we notice about people is their smile.

A bright natural looking smile is an important part of a persons confidence and if you think your dentures look like false teeth and not real teeth, then a smile makeover may be the solution for you.

» Smile with Confidence

With our True to Life Dentures you can have your smile and your confidence back.

We use gender specific tooth shapes and colours that will compliment your gender, age and personality. The denture teeth we use are made up of several different layers to reproduce the colour variations that are found in natural teeth. With our Swiss Dentures we make your dentures even more natural looking because the denture material is dyed individually to match your gums.

» Smile with Confidence with Denture Implants

Implant Retained Dentures (Denture Implants) are dentures that are held in place by dental implants; dental implants mimic the root system of natural teeth. These dental implants give the denture a secure and solid foundation to be attached to. When your dentures are attached to these dental implants, your dentures are stable and secure, providing you with the ability to eat a wider selection of foods and will give you the look and feel of natural teeth. Denture Implants will give you the stability and security to smile with confidence again.

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If you would like to smile with confidence again, please contact us using the information or form below. Thank you.


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